My solutions for the GCHQ challenge at www.canyoucrackit.co.uk are available here:

For those of you not familiar with the challenge, here is some more information:
GCHQ: solve the online code, become a real-life spy

“GCHQ, the intelligence agency, has created an internet-based code-breaking game in an attempt track down candidates with the right skills for espionage in the computer age.
Rather than hoping to identify potential spies in the traditional feeding grounds of Oxford and Cambridge, it has launched a viral campaign on Facebook and Twitter that directs users to a website called “Can you crack it?”
Players who can crack a code are directed to the GCHQ website and invited to apply for a job.”

If they really want to track down candidates with the right skills for espionage in the computer age, they should make harder challenges, but it was quite fun anyway. ;)

  • You fascinate me. Some sort of twist of weird’s brought me to your page. Not so sure what to make of it. A combination of my interest in cyber security, ethical hacking and forensic analysis (I would love to get into these fields but my technical adeptness.. is lacking. I suppose it’s a fantasy, for now), combined with my desire to work in intelligence, coming across Cicada, a one off mention of Aleister Crowley (I’m studying his Book of Thoth at the moment), and I suppose just pure damn chance has brought me here. For the record, each and every one of the above mentioned interests are standalone for me, which just makes me wonder what I’m even doing. The fact that they come together by some odd twist of…fate? is what got me to leave you this comment. Anyway, it’s a pleasure.